End of Exams!!! Yes!!!

That’s right the most holy of law student grails has arrived for me, the exam season has finished. I am so excited about this I have done something I would not normally accept from others never mind myself and used multiple exclamation marks. I assure you this is a once in a year event for someone raised by a mother who regards the split infinitive as one of the greatest challenges facing modern society.

I am now in that glorious period where the weight of exams has lifted, where watching catch up TV is an acceptable leisure activity rather than procrastination which will ruin your future and where the results are still so far away as to not provide even the faintest smudge on this most glorious of horizons.

Having finished my exams on Tuesday with a slightly odd 3 way oral exam (stop sniggering at the back) I have spent the last couple of days in a state of serious relaxation. Last night we went out to a French club (normally we hop the border for a night out) which is always an interesting experience but thankfully it was full of students in the same position and was a really good night. Today we went to the beach, which may sounds odd given we are hundreds of miles from the sea, but it’s on the edge of one of the local reservoirs and was a good chance to recover from the effects of ‘lack of sleep’, which were completely unrelated to the fact shots are 50cl rather than 25 on the continent…

With exams out of the way I must now try and start packing for my return to the UK, a task made difficult by all the stuff I seem to have accumulated over this year and which must now fit into one suitcase and a sports bag. This probably requires some sort of formula for optimum use of the space available, however, not being mathematically minded I will probably end up sitting on it and hoping it shuts!

For those of you with exams still to do (A Levels, AS, First year, Second, GCSE , whatever) good luck!

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One response to “End of Exams!!! Yes!!!”

  1. Harriet

    AKA your blogging partner who still has exams. COME ON JUNE 7TH!

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