So long, farewell, auf wiedershen, au revoir!

Slight diversion from the usual themes this week, but thought I’d do a post on a careers evening we had recently.

Due to the introduction of the new Law with Modern Langs courses, in order to avoid restricting the joint degree to simply to Francophones,  the Law with French Law course is no longer available and the current Freshers will be the last cohort. In order to celebrate the course it was decided to hold a joint careers evening/general party by bringing a lot of the alumni back to say thank you to Veronique, the academic who’s organised the course for some time.

This was an excellent opportunity for us to get to know the younger years (1 and 2, 3 being abroad at the moment the lucky things) and for everyone to chat to the alumni about what they’re doing nowadays. These events provide a great chance to get to know people who are in the jobs you want (there were multiple lawyers, a civil servant and several people who worked in business there) in a really informal setting and with guaranteed things in common (there was a lot of discussion of the year abroad!). It was also a chance for the lower years to ask us questions about the year abroad and shadowing MEPs that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

This isn’t something that’s exclusive to Law with French either, there are many firm drinks evenings where the trainees are Leicester grads and other societies also bring back their old members to meet/be really jealous of the current students. Whilst these are of course great networking opportunities, it’s also just really good fun to meet up with people who’ve done all you hope to do already and then go on a night out with them!



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