Accommodation-Part 2

Afraid I got a bit distracted by the French law evening last week, but will finish off with accommodation this week!



Beaumont catered is split into two main parts, Old Court and New Court.

Old Court is made up of slightly smaller blocks (4 of around 30, one of 12) and has ‘pod’ ensuite rooms, the same as all ensuites in Oadby other than John Foster’s pavilions. The blocks are arranged around a central courtyard which is grassed and generally very attractive, particularly during the summer term. These blocks are also very sociable, with so many people in them it’s very easy to find people you get on with and generally the blocks are very cohesive.

Next door to Old Court is New Court, which is made up of 3 blocks, 2 of around 40 and 1 of 60, and these rooms are non ensuite. I can say from absolutely incredible personal experience that these blocks are very sociable and would wholly recommend them to anyone over absolutely anywhere else!

Houses in various halls

In addition to the main, purpose built blocks which I’ve talked about so far there are also a number of converted houses around Oadby which are on each of the sites. These range in size from only 4/5 (the Gatehouse at Beaumont for instance) up to 20-30 (places like Rocklands or the Knowle in Digby) and are known for having a great atmosphere in them. The majority are self catered but some, mainly in Beaumont/Digby, are also catered. These houses also provide a wide range of character features (fireplaces and the like) which you won’t find in any of the blocks and are also where you’ll find some of the few twin rooms the university offers.


Hopefully this has provided a bit of an insight into accommodation, just post if you have any questions about it!

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