One down…

Today I had my first major exam of this most glorious time of the student year, summer exam season. It went OK and now I have a mere 6 more to go!

I fear I’ve become so accustomed now to having my entire year’s performance being based upon a few weeks in May and June that I will begin work only discover that I simply can’t be particularly productive in Autumn before automatically (and potentially completely unnecessarily depending on how work is), feverishly flogging myself through early Spring!

This year also brings with it a particular sense of Fear which I haven’t had since my A Levels. Generally, I’m fairly relaxed about things, but being a Final year I now have the same sense of it all being on the line which I’ve previously experienced at GCSE (ish) and A2. It’s certainly an odd feeling, and each time it inevitably coincides with the trepidation that comes with moving on to something new, but I personally think it’s a good one and it definitely spurs you on to put in that bit of extra effort. Best of all though, it feels even better when you finally get to finish (6th June for me, gonna be a great day!).

Good luck to anyone taking exam over the next few weeks!exam room

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