All done!!

Like Harriet I have now sat my final Final!! Obviously this is exciting, but I realise a lot of you are A Level students who are still busily brushing up on the intricacies of 19th Century Russia or the Great Gatsby so won’t go into too much detail about how freedom feels.

Instead I’ll give you a run through of how I intend to spend the period of blissful ignorance between finishing exams and getting results. On Friday I went out to the Union and seemingly saw absolutely everyone I’ve known at uni out, it was really good fun and is a definite benefit to having such a good SU. Tomorrow I’m taking part in a 24 hour charity swim relay with the swim club which should be fun and just about squeezes under the productive banner (I’m telling myself!).

In addition various friends are visiting us here or being visited by us around the country, I’m working a bit, I’ve got to find somewhere to live for next year and it’s all being topped off with Summer Ball on 22nd. Then I graduate and Leicester and uni are all over!!


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