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  1. NS

    Hi Zara!

    Thank you for detailing your experience here! I wanted to ask you about marshalling – on the Justice Dept website they state that those looking to take on a position as marshall should normally have completed their LPC or BVC. Could you please shed some light on this in terms of your experience? Did you find it uncommon or common for other marshalls to be in a position where they completed their LPC or BVC? Should current students still look to inquire about taking on a position?

    1. Zara

      Hello 🙂

      In terms of securing marshalling placements, I have often heard that the majority of marshals are indeed completing their LPC or BPTC. During my work experience I actually met another marshall who was completing his BPTC. However, I would not say that this is the rule for all because, I, a first year law student, was able to do it! I believe it all depends on the circumstance. I suggest you contact your local Crown or county court and speak to the court manager or listing officer and enquire whether marshalling is only offered to those completing the BPTC or LPC. It was a fascinating and incredibly useful opportunity, so I would urge current students to definitely find out about taking on a position.

      I hope this helped you and good luck!

      If you have any other questions, feel free to comment again and I would be very happy to help!


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