Choices, Choices, and lots more Choices!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from the Law Department stating that it was time for second year students to start making a decision on what modules to pick for the … FINAL YEAR. Seeing that email has, once again, emphasised that my second year is gradually coming to an end. I cannot believe that by June, I will only have one more year left till I graduate!

So, at the moment, I have been spending quite some time thinking about the right modules for me. Something that I find very common when studying Law, in particular, at Leicester, is that there is always an array of options on offer to suit you. Personally, its an aspect that I really like about the structure of the LLB law degree here, as you not only study the necessary core modules, but you also have a diverse range of modules that can be chosen to suit your interest or future career-path.

After much contemplation, I have finally made a decision and submitted the form.

Therefore, assuming all goes well this year, my final year modules will be Criminal Law (compulsory module), Equity and Trusts, Immigration Law and Company Law. It was a tough decision as I was also really keen on studying Intellectual Property but I’m really interested in finding out more about these areas of law!!

If you would like to learn more about the various modules that you can study at the University of Leicester, take a look at the LLB Law page or ask me a question below!



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Zara has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi! I’m Zara and I’m a commuting final year Law student. I am here to tell you all I can about what its like to study Law here at the University of Leicester. Also, I hope to show you that you can still manage, balance and enjoy University life, even if you are staying at home. I have an absolute passion for human rights, international law and all things Beyoncé! When I’m not listening to her (or studying of course), I enjoy getting involved in fundraising for various charities and making plans to travel the world. What about you?

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