Road Trip for a Night Owl


I am now in the middle of my third week of revision for the Midsummer exams. On one hand, I am making (generally) satisfactory progress but I must admit that getting revision done is a constant daily struggle. Strike that. It has actually become a constant nocturnal struggle where my friends now refer to me as ‘the night owl.’

Unfortunately, for me, effective revision only occurs in the dead of the night where there are no distractions and complete silence.  It has also meant that my sleeping pattern has truly been catapulted out of the window and it would only be considered normal if I was living in New York… now that is an idea… 😉

Nonetheless, on the topic of revision, as I have mentioned in previous posts, having sensible breaks is very underrated yet extremely important. After a week and half of revision, I decided to go on a little road trip with my friend, Caitlin, to Birmingham for a (generally) well-deserved day off. The brilliant thing about studying at the University of Leicester and living in the East Midlands is that you are in a great location that is in such close proximity to many other brilliant cities to visit.

Back to the road trip, and I proudly made my first venture (after nearly 2 years of driving) out onto a motorway! The 1 hour drive was actually very easy where, of course, Beyoncé was played during the whole duration of the journey down the M69 and M6.

Birmingham offered us a thrilling experience of shopping in the Bullring where many legal transactions were made until the inner child within us took control and led us to Cadbury’s World. After visiting the closest thing the UK has to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and then experiencing more of Birmingham’s culinary cuisine, it is safe to say that we had the perfect day off.

Cadbury's World, Bournville, Birmingham

Cadbury’s World, Bournville, Birmingham

However, there is no play without work, so I must get back to revision.

Until next time,

The Night Owl


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