How to Prepare For Results Day

Its not long now till A-level students (and many others) receive their results and find out whether they have got the grades to get into University. I apologise for reminding you all, as I remember how each day I would try and make myself forget that ‘Student Doomsday’ was close approaching. Things haven’t changed for me, 2 years later where I still get overly nervous for the delivery of those pesky grades.

However, as I advised last year, please do try not to think of your results as the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’. Although, at the moment it seems quite unbelievable, there are many options out there for you – just take the time to find them.

Until the day arrives, please try to:

1. RELAX: Remember, you have done your best and nothing you can do can change that. So, until Results Day is here, just enjoy being able to do nothing and relax! 🙂


2.  REMAIN POSITIVE: Spending days worrying, or convincing yourself that you haven’t done well is going to make you feel much worse. Try to put things in perspective and remember that you have tried your best and for all you know, its going to be fine.


3. PREPARE: I understand that you want to spend the rest of the time until Results Day in denial and invest all your effort in forgetting about it. However, it may be useful if you make sure that you have researched about all your options, so if it doesn’t go exactly the way you want, you still have a plan to fall back on.

For more information about the process, Adjustment or Clearing, take a look at the UCAS website!

Also, for an in depth look of what you need to take to your School/College/Sixth Form and a clear layout of the various options you can take, I thought that the Studential website was really helpful.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I would be happy to answer them! 🙂

Good Luck!

Zara 🙂


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