This week’s vlog is more of a short video of one area of downtown Toronto that’s pretty famous! It’s the Eaton Centre, Dundas Square, and Nathan Phillips Square.


Eaton Centre is a huge mall and is one of the main tourist attractions of Toronto. It has over 250 stores, and this Christmas, they put up a new tree. Usually, the put up a Swarovski tree that sparkles even though it sits still. But, THIS YEAR, oh boy. They pulled out all the stops. They went for a tree that starts from the bottom floor that goes all the way up past three storeys and almost hits the ceiling. Yes, it’s 100 feet tall. ONE HUNDRED FEET. You have to see it for yourself. I love this mall.


Dundas Square is right across from the north end of the mall. There’s always something happening in the square, whether it’s a protest or festival of sorts or someone famous popping by and giving a free concert. It’s surrounded by big, bright screens that remind you of Times Square in New York. Sometimes I just stand there and stare at the screens and before I know it, 4 hours have gone by.


Nathan Phillips Square is Toronto’s city hall; this one actually marks Toronto’s fourth city hall. An international architectural competition was launched by Mayer Nathan Phillips in 1958 to find the best new city hall design. It went to a Finnish guy. There’s always something going on in the Square itself as well, whether it’s an art exhibit, a farmer’s market, or concerts and dance performances. There’s a fountain at the centre of the Square and in the winter they freeze it over to make it a public ice rink where people can happily skate around in circles for hours.



P.S. I love Justin Bieber (as a musician) and no one can take that away from me.


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