Revision tips, Pt. II


This is part 2 of Mama Lucie’s revision tips! Let’s just get on with it!



  1. I listen to music on my way to the exam and don’t chat to anyone before the exam, because when people cram right before going in, it terrifies me into thinking that I haven’t learned everything. Ignore everyone!
  2. Make sure you pack all your things in a plastic bag or clear pencil case and bring a clear water bottle with no label on it. And don’t forget your student ID!
  3. Use those 15 minutes of reading time wisely. I always spend the 15 minutes identifying what topic each question is on, then writing everything I know about each topic out so I can refer to it later while I’m writing the exam.
  4. Wear ear plugs! Don’t let all the small noises distract you from your train of thought. When that train leaves the station, it’s not coming back.
  5. You always know more than you think you do. When you’re sitting in that exam room, milking that brain for all its worth, you suddenly remember random, useful facts.
  6. Get creative and just write whatever comes to mind; most of the time, you’ll find it’s actually correct. The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t get marks for it. You can’t get marks taken off for writing a wrong answer!



  1. Shut up and don’t talk about it – it’s done. Whatever you wrote in that exam is what you wrote, and there’s no use dwelling on it. Go to the pub and enjoy your few minutes of freedom before you have to hit the books again!


I hope these helped! GOOD LUCK on your exams! You’re going to absolutely smash them!!


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Hello! My name is Lucie and I’m a final year Law student. I’m from Canada, so the goal is to give you some insight on what it’s like to live and study in Leicester from an international perspective. Alongside my studies, I am an Equality and Diversity Champion for the uni, and I do yoga regularly.

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