Contrary to popular belief, studying law is not hard!


I hope everyone’s summers are going well so far! I’m back in Canada for the holiday, and although it’s nice to be home with family, it’s certainly not a time for relaxation. I’ve got about 5 and a half different things on my plate currently! Now, please excuse me while I go to my corner, curl up into a ball, and cry tears for a little while.


Aaaand I’m back! For this blog post, I wanted to address something that happens almost every time I meet someone new at uni. When you meet someone new, the questions asked to get to know each other are always as follows:

  1. What’s your name?
  2. What do you study?
  3. What year are you in?
  4. Do you know X person?
  5. Where are you from?
  6. Where do you live in Leicester? / Where did you live in first year?
  7. Did you like it?
  8. Do you know Y person?
  9. Are you going out tonight?
  10. Do you know Z person?


Yes, we’ve all had that conversation, and it’s actually such a simple way to get to know someone quickly. In having these conversations over and over again (as you do in uni when you’re meeting new people quite often), a common thread I found is that whenever I tell people I study Law, most people respond with: ‘Wow, isn’t Law hard? I couldn’t do it’. Every time, I just smile and nod, as if to say, ‘yes, I am an extremely impressive person’, which is mostly a lie (insert smirk face emoji here).


To tell you the truth, Law is really not that hard to study! Personally, I could never do sciences or maths, so I say ‘Wow, isn’t Science/Math hard? I couldn’t do it’. When I look over at what my friends are revising, their revision notes genuinely look like foreign languages to me. Law just requires a lot of reading and writing (in English!!!), and naturally, every degree requires hard work.


If you’re flirting with the idea of studying law versus another course, I would say, first and foremost, go with your gut. But, secondly, take into consideration that Law is relevant to literally every job sector out there. It’s an invaluable degree to have – the skills you gain from it are transferable to literally any profession and it truly changes the way you think. I find myself pondering things I never would’ve thought of before.


For example, I went grocery shopping with my parents a few weeks ago, and we were looking at fish. I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but on one of the price tags, some part of the description of the fish didn’t match up with what the fish actually looked like. I know – fishy, right? Pun 215% intended. Anyway, I turned to my dad and said, ‘that’s a misrepresentation!’, which is a topic we learned in Contract Law in first year. Admittedly, nothing else substantial came to mind because I don’t remember much of first year, but this is a great example of my Law Brain catching me off-guard. It’s really difficult – maybe even impossible – to turn your Law Brain off and you’ll find yourself applying legal concepts to almost every thing and/or incident you encounter.


What I’m getting at is that if you’re unsure about what profession or job sector you want to go into, a Law degree acts as a great foundation for developing a valuable, adaptable, and unique skillset. Law is really not as hard as people think it is if you’re willing to put in the work. And at Leicester, only final years in a certain module have ever informed us of lecturers calling on people to answer questions in front of the entire class (you know, like in Legally Blonde), but that’s completely avoidable.


So, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be deterred by claims of a Law degree being extremely difficult. If you like to read, write, argue, analyse, discuss, make friends, learn stuff, and more, then the LLB is definitely for you!


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