I have a problem…(I can’t say ‘no’!)


I’m one of those people who’s always done extra-curriculars. I can’t go to a school or university and not be involved in something outside of my studies. It’s just impossible!


Growing up, I played piano, swam (and eventually became a lifeguard/swim instructor) and did ballet outside of school. Then, I went to an arts high school, where I majored in voice. As voice majors, we had to be in all the choirs, so we were at school at 7:30am every weekday morning, each day for a different choir or voice ensemble. On top of being in the 5 different choirs, I was still teaching swimming and doing ballet, but, sadly, I didn’t have time to play piano anymore.


At Queen’s, I was heavily involved in the world of musical theatre and regularly spent up to 15 hours a week on rehearsals. I absolutely loved it, but because I was so unhappy with the academic side of uni, I threw myself into doing the shows and they were always my top priority over uni, which led to average grades, which ultimately led me to Leicester. So, thanks, musical theatre!!! On top of doing musical theatre, I had a scholarship with the cathedral choir, so I was required to go to the 2-hour rehearsal every Friday evening, and then spend my entire Sunday morning in church. Although I’m not religious, I am quite spiritual, and it was such a lovely way to destress because it transported me to this tranquil, almost secluded world every Sunday morning and I came out of it so serene. And the music was so breathtaking, I felt truly lucky to have gotten to sing it.


At Leicester, in my first year, I did ballet with the Modern Dance Society, I was Events Coordinator for the Leicester Student Law Review, and I was a client for mediation competitions with the Law Society. In second year, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, I became a blogger, and I joined the Swimming & Water Polo club (as a social member). As the year went on, I also became the unofficial content creator for the Law Society, so I made all the posters for Law Society events and the Law Ball posters and tickets. Later on in the year, the uni asked me to speak at their annual Student Experience Summit, so I was involved with that for a bit, as well. (Is this considered humble bragging?? *insert smirk face emoji*).


The momentum from first year to second year just kept increasing and people kept asking me to do more and more and I couldn’t say ‘no’ because I wanted to do it all.


But, this year is final year, which means my priorities have shifted. The focus is no longer on gaining experience through or distracting myself from uni with extra-curriculars. The focus is now on my graduate job prospects and applications. This year, I have to say ‘no’.


And I did! Two days ago, I resigned from Law Society for this reason (among other reasons). Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Law Society, and it was a difficult decision that I had been turning over and over in my head for a few months.


This year, I’m finally finishing up my Queen’s degree with one module per term online, I’m still blogging (as both law student and Equality & Diversity Champion), I’m writing a dissertation, and I’m auditioning for a music scholarship at the end of October. These are all things that are more important and more productive towards my short-term goals, and unfortunately, I’ve had to say ‘no’ to Law Society. I realised that it wasn’t fair to myself to have to do something I didn’t really want to do anymore, and it wasn’t fair to everyone else for me to not put my 100% into it.


The love I have for Law Society won’t dissipate for a long while and I’m so happy and beyond honoured to have been able to leave my mark. I wish everyone on the committee the best with this year, and I can’t wait to see what direction it ends up taking!


For me, this is the beginning of a turning point: from now on, I’ll only take on as much as I physically and mentally can without feeling weighed down by everything I’m doing. I can’t wait to start saying ‘no’!


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Hello! My name is Lucie and I’m a final year Law student. I’m from Canada, so the goal is to give you some insight on what it’s like to live and study in Leicester from an international perspective. Alongside my studies, I am an Equality and Diversity Champion for the uni, and I do yoga regularly.

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