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I’m a huge fan of coffee shops. I can study in one for hours just because I love the ambiance and the smell of coffee. My favourite one is called 200 Degrees, but today’s spotlight falls on another one that I went to a few days before I left Leicester for Christmas holiday.


A friend of mine discovered Saints of Mokha and mentioned it to me, so I stalked their Instagram and was immediately possessed with the urge to go. I won’t lie – I’m a sucker for repurposed pallets, pretty colours, and adorable latte art. I think it’s quite new; it gained momentum on social media pretty quickly and I hadn’t heard of it in previous years. They’re located at a convenient location – on Evington Road, just off London Road, almost around the corner from Domino’s Pizza. This makes them a measly 5-minute walk from uni, and the café has a lovely atmosphere that works before or after a long day. It’s pretty squishy, as there are only 4 or 5 proper tables and one seat along the window with a table, which is where my friend and I sat. The window seat is also right next to the front door, so beware of the people who don’t shut the door when it’s cold out.


My friend and I each had a smoothie bowl, which was full of healthy goodness (granola, fruits, yogurt, and various garnishes), and she had a turmeric latte to drink, and I had a rose latte. Each latte on the menu is a different colour, which excited me more than I care to admit, and each one has unique latte art that’s created on the top of the drink (my friend had a cat and I had a heart, and there are also swans).


I’m not sure I’d like to study here, as they don’t have working plugs and it’s very squishy, but it’s a really lovely place to just sit down with a friend or two and enjoy the unique coffee flavours and good food.


Here are some photos of Saints of Mokha that I took!


The coffee bar and the view of the café from the window seat.


Repurposed pallets are the overall aesthetic – I love it!


My friend and I got matching smoothie bowls, which were so delicious. She had a turmeric latte (the cat) and I had a rose latte, which sounds weird but is so lovely.


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