What’s stopping me from pursuing what I want to do?


This is a question that weighs me down, and has for a while. If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I’ve written many a blog post on my career path in trying to figure out what it is what I want to do. Over the summer, I’ve had chats with a few people who have collectively inspired me to pursue my true dream job and it’s been very liberating. But, even though I was armed with this support system and knowledge of/passion for the industry I want to work in after graduation, I still sometimes found myself wondering, ‘what’s stopping me from doing what I really, truly want to do?’.


I used to have a massive fear of failure, as I think most people did/do, and that’s what’s stopped me from pursuing certain opportunities in the past; it’s come up as a barrier time and time again, but I’ve never had the confidence to meet it head on. This time things are different, because I’m not planning on pursuing further education, so I’m itching to start working, and I’m a little older now so I realise that what was actually stopping me all that time was me.


I had all these fears of not making my parents happy with the career path that I’m now venturing out on. It’s like this: imagine that I’m taking timid steps down the path I want to go on, but I keep looking over my shoulder, as if I’m waiting for my parents to suddenly materialise and pull me back and set me down the path they want me to go on. Now that I realise the world is mine for the taking, I’m going to confidently walk down my path and pursue what I feel is right for me.


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Hello! My name is Lucie and I’m a final year Law student. I’m from Canada, so the goal is to give you some insight on what it’s like to live and study in Leicester from an international perspective. Alongside my studies, I am an Equality and Diversity Champion for the uni, and I do yoga regularly.

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