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So, last time I did a ‘Hot Spot’, I wrote about another coffee shop. I’ve realised that a lot of my time is spent in coffee shops, and I’m this close to doing a research-based Master’s to discover what about coffee shops is so appealing on every level for me.


But anyway, today’s spotlight falls on Madison’s, which is a cafe bar & gelataria. They have everything from milkshakes to coffee to mini pizzas to waffle desserts, and of course, their homemade gelato. Oh, and cakes! So. Many. Cakes. The coffee shop situated on London Road, just a few steps away from the Loaded Dog, and because I only live 5 minutes away, I’ve been spending almost every day there. They’ve got an upstairs and a downstairs for extra seating if you’re easily distracted by the flocks of people that come in during rush hours (do people even come in ‘flocks’?) and the front door opening and closing (and letting the cold in). Plus, they’ve got plugs and wifi! That’s really all any student can ask for.


The other day, they had a killer 70s playlist on, so if you music that you can quietly jam to, Madison’s is the place to be. I do find that the seats at the tables are really uncomfortable, and I find that I don’t stay for more than 3 or 4 hours mainly for that reason. BUT, there’s a little sofa seating area right by the front window (not shown in the photo below) and there’s a little room in the back by the stairs with comfy seating as well (as seen in the photo). It’s a great place to study or to just hang out or catch up with friends!



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