Christmas miracles and gratitude

You can’t deny Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness for everyone, whether you celebrate it or not.

It’s a time to come together as family and friends and be thankful for all the food on your table and the company of your loved ones in your warm, cosy homes. It’s a time to gather around the television watching your favourite film for the 65th time and to smile while you open all your presents. Even the days after Christmas, it’s the cheery, afterglow of all the food we’ve ate and love we’ve received.

But let’s not forget those who may not be as fortune as us. This winter season, let’s try and make a difference for those who may need a hand, whether it’s donating towards a good cause , helping out the homeless, or buying a cup of hot chocolate for someone who needs to keep warm.

A reminder for us to be grateful for all that is around us this winter and never take for granted what we have and the blessings around us. We await a Christmas miracle when there are plenty of miracles around us everyday.

I know one thing that will genuinely be a miracle and that is me getting my 82726388 assignments done before the deadline. I’m sure many of you can relate to that one. I hope you’ve put down the mince pies long enough to start typing up that essay or turned a few page of your dusty revision notes.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas!

Now we await a brand new year, the big 2019! Is there anything you want to achieve in that year? What are your goals and hopes? Please feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments!

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