January a.k.a stress season

Hi, hey, hello!

It’s about 10 days late but…happy belated new year! Woo!

I apologise sincerely for such a delayed post. I promise I hadn’t forgotten at all but I’m sure if you’re a student then you know that January usually means exams and assessment seasons, a.k.a, total nightmare season! I didn’t have time to eat properly, let alone type.

My 2019 only began yesterday after I handed in my final submission. On actual new years day, I was sat having a mental breakdown in front of my laptop. Thankfully, I didn’t have an exam this winter season but my heart goes out to everyone that did or does. You can do it, soldier!

The worst thing about exams and assignments in January is how Christmas is a major distraction. I often found myself watching ‘elf’ with my sisters with my laptop on my thighs and a blank screen. I mean, it made me feel better having the laptop there so I could trick my brain into thinking it was doing work…that’s relatable, right?

And after Christmas, it all seems so rushed and a whirl of deadlines just knock you over, and the clock seems to run faster for some reason. Many times, I sat there angry at myself, staring at the clock and regretted every moment of that day I procrastinated. And now it’s 8:30pm and you have only typed up 137 words but are too tired to carry on. I kid you not when I say I stayed awake the entire night before my deadline on just redbull just because I wasted my time during the day. However, it all got submitted before the deadline, thankfully!

Now I’m probably going to have a period of sleep-debt, where I’m going to make up for that lost sleep which isn’t really well deserved because I shouldn’t have left my assignments so last minute anyways.

My biggest tip to any student is start your deadlines or revision as early as you possibly can! Even if it means only doing half an hour a day or even less – as long as you start early, you don’t have to strain so badly last minute. In all honesty, I know that this is very obvious advice, but I’m sure, just like myself, many of you have lost a lot of hair from leaving the work last minute and panicking. And I know, it is hard to force yourself to work when there’s more interesting things going on but I guess it’s better to do less, spread out over time than murdering your brain the night before.

But that’s definitely golden student advice – whether it’s GCSE, A-levels, university exams, whatever! Start early – I promise the stress isn’t worth it. I’m wearing a wig now because I pull out that much hair.

On a final note, good luck to everyone doing any exams or assignments! May 2019 be a year full of good grades!!!

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