Keep warm!

Hello everyone!

So, whoever read my previous blog knew I was super stressed with my law assignments. You’ll be very glad to hear that those are now done and dusted (and probably getting marked a fail as we speak)!

Campus is a hustle bustle of people running into the nearest building to get away from the freezing winter temperatures. For anybody on the campus of University of Leicester, the student union has a starbucks there so do head down for a hot drink. My personal favourite is a warm bubble tea (choc fudge brownie) from Pearls! There’s also other cafes and places to keep warm during your time on campus, including the David Wilson library and also Charles Wilson building!

I cannot stress on how important it is to stay warm as the temperatures drop down. I don’t leave my flat without scarf to protect my chest from catching an infection or a flu. On the first lecture back on my law course after Christmas, all you could hear is everyone coughing!

Even on the way to university, Leicester has so many adorable cafes to keep warm in. There are plenty on London Rd off University Rd, and town is filled with many! My personal favourite is Bru.

Best advice at the end of January is stay warm! The cold is yet to continue!

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Hi! I'm Aminah and I'm a final year law student at the University of Leicester. With a passion for writing and big dreams, I hope to pursue a career as a journalist. I hope to discuss issues relating to life, mental health, university and all the valuable lessons I've learnt along the way!

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