Offer holders’ open day

Last Saturday, I was working on the offer holders open day. It started off as a foggy morning, however, we were lucky to have the sun pour on us by the afternoon.
I was doing drop-in sessions for people that had questions about living at home during university and what it’s like. As I have experienced living at home, commuting and living out in Leicester, this was a great opportunity for me to share any advice I had. I was their only mature student ambassador so I got to stick out in my purple hoody!

Truthfully, not many people dropped by that day for the session. However, it was lovely to meet the handful that did. It’s exciting seeing nervous prospective students and their concerned parents ask all their questions and the relief they have on their face by the end of their discussion.
I was able to talk about how I feel like your University experience is all about you and what you want to make of it. The one thing I kept emphasising on is “there’s no wrong or right way to do anything”.

I lived at home and commuted first semester of my first year, then decided to move out to Leicester after I had a car crash. I managed to find a place mid way through the academic year on a Facebook page where students are getting rid of their tenancy. In second year, I moved in with three friends in the city and although it was quite a walk from university, I enjoyed living in the hustle bustle of the city with shops and food around me. Third year, I decided to drive once again to save money. But, I had not realised how tiring third year would be, so once again moved out for second semester.

It was nice to explain to people how I had experienced it all and was able to tell them I preferred living out rather than commuting from another city. It gave me time to relax and unwind before doing my work rather than tiring myself out from the commute.

It was interesting to hear the different concerns from prospective students and their parents. Parents were hoping they’d settle in while many students were seeking independence.

All in all, it was a great day despite the low turn out and there was so much lovely food to each, so I can’t complain!

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