Hello Goodbye

Evening all! Here marks my final blog for just over two years – rounding it all off with The Beatles, of course! Firstly the Hello – welcome to Zara, who has written her first post (make sure to check it out!) and is taking the role of student blogger on. And the Goodbye – Owen […]

Refresh Your Memory

Afternoon! What a week it has been – sun, summer, Wimbledon finals! Brilliant! A big congratulations to Andy Murray, was a very fun game to watch. Today’s post is relating to a very frustrating time of life that comes across the average Law student – whether AS level, A level or University, we all have […]

Why Don’t You Get A Job?

Hello readers! Final blog for June on the last day of the month (it’s been a busy one!). I’m choosing to mark the event with a brilliant song of my teenage years by Offspring on the topic of employment as a student. This can be a bit of a tricky one alongside studies – as […]

Dinner at Eight

Afternoon all! What a busy month June has been, with the finishing up of the exam period and the returning of myself to Devon. This week’s blog shall be about a fantastic legal tradition – for those wishing to become trained as a barrister – dining at the Inns of Court. After completing your LLB […]

Shake It Out

Evening all! As I’m sat here re-reading my title (a brilliant song by Florence & the Machine), I’m thinking two things: a) Should it be ‘Shake it Out’? It looks quite wrong. b) My song selection for this blog is quite limited, I guess I didn’t keep to my New Year’s Resolution. So here we […]


Evening all! Last blog for a while as Monday kicks off ‘crunch time’ as it were. Two to three weeks of the exam period at the University of Leicester. Long hours are being spent re-reading notes, making mindmaps and rattling off case law, ready for the final two beasts of my Undergraduate degree. Kind of […]

Song 2

Morning! Today’s blog was originally planned to be titled something along the lines of ‘essential’ or ‘revision’, but I was not fortunate in my use of a search engine, so instead we have the first song that came up under an ‘essential’ playlist. Quite rightly so, I would say. Song 2 by Blur, otherwise known […]

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Good afternoon, dear readers! Last week, I was very fortunate to take part in a very fun event for the University of Leicester. Dr Dawn Watkins (Equity and Trusts and Family Law lecturer and all-round incredible Law teacher) has started a new study surrounding ‘Children and the Law’ and it was the job of thirteen […]

Express Yourself

Hello readers! This week’s missive can either be taken a classic hit by Madonna or a recent tune by Rizzle Kicks! To conclude my April blogs, I shall talk about the joys of applications. This is something that is felt by all University students at some point in their life and something that can easily […]

Not Guilty

Hello readers! April is here and in full swing – where all the Law students start to wonder “when did this happen?! I swear it was only January yesterday!”. This week’s blog is named after a song by Bryan Adams and is all about an alternative way of getting work experience as a Law student […]

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