The famous cement block on which many people have taken a "first day at Queen's" and "last day at Queen's" to commemorate their time at the university.

A Canadian in Leicester, Pt. II

  Now that you know a little bit about the academic side to Leicester, it’s time to talk about the fun side. The University Student Life. Naturally, student life varies from university to university but I have no doubts that if you’ve made the decision to study abroad, you’ll have few problems adapting to your new way of life. There […]

The University of Leicester on a rainy November afternoon.

A Canadian in Leicester, Pt. I

  Helllooooo! My name is Lucie and I am just full of beans about being a student blogger this year (apparently “full of beans” is a synonym for “excited”…just trying to keep it interesting, you know?)! I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I’m over-the-moon excited about being able to share my experience as a Canadian in […]

Cadbury's World, Bournville, Birmingham

Road Trip for a Night Owl

  I am now in the middle of my third week of revision for the Midsummer exams. On one hand, I am making (generally) satisfactory progress but I must admit that getting revision done is a constant daily struggle. Strike that. It has actually become a constant nocturnal struggle where my friends now refer to me as […]

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