Final Year: Expecting the Unexpected

  I cannot believe that in nearly 4 weeks, I’ll be returning back to Leicester to start my third and final year. I have said it before, and I apologise for repeating it again – but where has the time gone? I’m trying not to dwell too much on how it is very unnerving that two […]



I’m sure you’ve seen the frankly delightful photo of me and Harriet all robed up outside De Montfort Hall! Anyway, as she said it was a rest day and we’re both now toddling off to do…a bit more education! (Just can’t get enough).   Anyway, here’s a photo of me and my course throwing some […]

Hello Goodbye

Evening all! Here marks my final blog for just over two years – rounding it all off with The Beatles, of course! Firstly the Hello – welcome to Zara, who has written her first post (make sure to check it out!) and is taking the role of student blogger on. And the Goodbye – Owen […]

Shake It Out

Evening all! As I’m sat here re-reading my title (a brilliant song by Florence & the Machine), I’m thinking two things: a) Should it be ‘Shake it Out’? It looks quite wrong. b) My song selection for this blog is quite limited, I guess I didn’t keep to my New Year’s Resolution. So here we […]

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