Summer is here!

  First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on finishing a/another year at Leicester! There is no victory too small to celebrate and just getting through the year is a huge achievement.   Now it’s time to relax for the summer before getting back into it! But (and excuse me for pulling a classic Law Student […]

Sunshine, Rainbows and Everything Wonderful

Sunshine, Rainbows and Everything Wonderful

  University is stressful – especially at this time of year with assessed essays and exams looming.   What annoys me to no end is everyone moaning, comparing knowledge for no reason other than to make themselves feel better – leaving others feeling worse, and people sharing an endless supply of dismal posts about not doing […]

A Salute to the Last Times.

A Salute to the Last Times.

  So it just dawned on me that tomorrow is my last first day of term EVER.   But also, 2017 will now be filled with some of my first lasts in Leicester.   It. Is. Crazy.   How has my entire educational career boiled down to this? Just one term to go.   It […]


  This week’s vlog is more of a short video of one area of downtown Toronto that’s pretty famous! It’s the Eaton Centre, Dundas Square, and Nathan Phillips Square.   Eaton Centre is a huge mall and is one of the main tourist attractions of Toronto. It has over 250 stores, and this Christmas, they […]

Merry ‘Essay’Mas: Revision Tips for Exams

  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the snow that finally arrived on Boxing Day. Unfortunately for me, Santa gave me the Winter Flu! Nonetheless, I was still able to have an amazing day full of food, films, more food and the annual Christmas Nap! However, I realise that it is time for […]

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