What do students eat??

  Students are an exceptional species of human. We have voluntarily left the comfort of home-cooked meals only to find ourselves fighting for survival. We must learn to cook our own meals, and this means more than just pasta, because pasta can get really old, really quickly. Plus, you can only order Domino’s so many times in one week […]

The Ultimate International Student Checklist

  So, term starts a few days from today, and at this point you’re probably thinking, ‘Well, this is it, there’s no turning back because I’m about to be launched into the sky for a few hours and when my feet are back on the ground, I’ll be on a different continent.’   ‘UNLESS they […]

The famous cement block on which many people have taken a "first day at Queen's" and "last day at Queen's" to commemorate their time at the university.

A Canadian in Leicester, Pt. II

  Now that you know a little bit about the academic side to Leicester, it’s time to talk about the fun side. The University Student Life. Naturally, student life varies from university to university but I have no doubts that if you’ve made the decision to study abroad, you’ll have few problems adapting to your new way of life. There […]

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