Uni is what you make of it

  Recently, I was working an Open Day as a Law School Student Ambassador and a parent asked me what kinds of networking opportunities there are available for law students. I rattled off my usual list: Law Society competitions and moot winners receive work experiences or offers to shadow lawyers/judges, barristers and solicitors come in […]

Black Lives Matter

  For those of you who didn’t know, last month the SU observed Black History Month. As a part of the observance, the University of Leicester Amnesty International Student Division ran a campaign spreading awareness about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. I wanted to know more about it, so I got in touch with […]

I have a problem…(I can’t say ‘no’!)

  I’m one of those people who’s always done extra-curriculars. I can’t go to a school or university and not be involved in something outside of my studies. It’s just impossible!   Growing up, I played piano, swam (and eventually became a lifeguard/swim instructor) and did ballet outside of school. Then, I went to an […]

Lei, You’ve Taught Me A Lot

Lei, You’ve Taught Me A Lot

  My time at Leicester has genuinely been the best of my life so far. As cringey as that sounds, it’s true.   So, here is a lengthy account of some of the greatest things I’ve learned from my time at Leicester:   1. Follow your gut. It’s usually right.   Something I’ve  come to […]

So…I didn’t get Chairperson!

  After a tough Hustings and a week and a bit of campaigning for the new Law Society elected committee positions, on 17th March 2017, we found out the results. I skimmed through the post on Facebook with eager/nervous anticipation. My thought process was as follows (or something like it):   Okay, here we go. […]

Law Society campaign week!

  This week is all about campaigning and selling myself! I’m running to be Chairperson of the Law Society next year so hopefully in a few months, I’ll be taking over from Scarlett. She’s done an incredible job this year and has successfully rebuilt the Law Society from the ground up. We’ve been nominated for […]

The Patchwork Week

The Patchwork Week

  This week has been so crazy, random and unimaginable that in order to do it justice you need to hear an amalgamation of stories of the best bits. Bear with me.   The week kicked off with getting back into the swing of things at Pole Fitness! This wasn’t before getting my ASDA order and now being […]

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