Offer holders’ open day

Last Saturday, I was working on the offer holders open day. It started off as a foggy morning, however, we were lucky to have the sun pour on us by the afternoon. I was doing drop-in sessions for people that had questions about living at home during university and what it’s like. As I have […]

Keep warm!

Hello everyone! So, whoever read my previous blog knew I was super stressed with my law assignments. You’ll be very glad to hear that those are now done and dusted (and probably getting marked a fail as we speak)! Campus is a hustle bustle of people running into the nearest building to get away from […]

January a.k.a stress season

Hi, hey, hello! It’s about 10 days late but…happy belated new year! Woo! I apologise sincerely for such a delayed post. I promise I hadn’t forgotten at all but I’m sure if you’re a student then you know that January usually means exams and assessment seasons, a.k.a, total nightmare season! I didn’t have time to […]

A bit of food and friends for Christmas!

Hello! I’m Aminah, a new digital ambassador for the University of Leicester. Welcome to my first post. Watch a mini vlog of my friends and I prepare a small christmas dinner to celebrate the end of our final first semester at university…(despite having so many deadlines so it’s not much of a Christmas holiday!) Find […]

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