93 Days of Summer …

Back to the summer as it is now, I find myself with a lot of freedom and time to do whatever I want. A complete 180 shift from the crazy hibernation mode you find yourself in when revising. So … I have 73 days left to relax and recuperate. But is that all you should […]

Why Don’t You Get A Job?

Hello readers! Final blog for June on the last day of the month (it’s been a busy one!). I’m choosing to mark the event with a brilliant song of my teenage years by Offspring on the topic of employment as a student. This can be a bit of a tricky one alongside studies – as […]

Dinner at Eight

Afternoon all! What a busy month June has been, with the finishing up of the exam period and the returning of myself to Devon. This week’s blog shall be about a fantastic legal tradition – for those wishing to become trained as a barrister – dining at the Inns of Court. After completing your LLB […]

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