To introduce myself, here’s a bit about me…

Hello everyone, I’m Samyu, a third year student studying BA Management Studies at Leicester. A degree I find truly fascinating, especially the bits that allow me to attain a greater understanding of how and why consumers behave the way they do. Along this theme, for my dissertation this year I’m studying into the effects our gender might have on the way we behave online in terms of using it as a shopping medium.

I am originally from India and moved here with my family at the age of 11 to live in Chester, North West England. Though I love student life, sometimes I just have to nip back home…even if it ends up being only to fill out with my mother’s cooking and catching the latest movie with friends!
Apart from the studies element of being an undergraduate student at Leicester, I indulge in a bit of basketball, music, learning French, reading and catching up on TV shows.

I’ll be blogging once a week to tell you all about my student experience at Leicester: the course, my dissertation, my thoughts on something especially interesting in the news or my feelings on leaving education and becoming a small fish in the very large pond that is the real world. I hope you like what I write and don’t feel shy to comment with your thoughts.

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About Samyu

Samyu graduated from University in Summer 2012 and is no longer blogging for this site.

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6 responses to “To introduce myself, here’s a bit about me…”

  1. Sampson

    Hey Sam! We have similar names! Thanks for sharing about your schooling and especially your dissertation!

  2. McGee

    Thanks lot Sam,

    this’ been really helpful. i’ll firm leicester right away.

    Good luck with your dissertation and final exams. hope you get 1st class!

    thanks again

  3. McGee

    hey Sam!

    thanks for the reply and i accept your apology. well, ive read your ‘essay’ lol and its in accordance with what most of the people i have spoken to are saying about leicester. im pretty much sure i’ll end up in leicester cos i want awesome an uni.hahaha…

    You said you like how the course is structured. could you enlighten me on the way the course is structured? Besides, does not having many lectures during the week mean you get coursework and stuff to work on instead?

    Thank you.

  4. McGee

    hey Sam,

    just a quick one. hows management in Leicester? on a scale of 1 to awesome, how would you rate the course?
    i have an offer from both leicester and warwick and want to make a good choice. i liked leicester during the open day but warwick is up in the ranking and a russel group uni. help me make a choice.tell me everything about the course. i’ll appreciate it.


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