Globalisation, then boredom, then fear!

Okay, so it has been about 4 weeks into lectures of the second semester and I’ve had my breakthrough thought! By the time you reach third year, a lot of the modules overlap in their contents.

At the beginning of my final semester, I still felt there would be something completely new for me to learn. Therefore, I entered the first few lectures with excitement and zest. However, by the end of my first week, I had attended lectures for all my new modules and they all discussed only ‘Globalisation’! By the end of the week it felt like I was dreaming about globalisation at night!

So is it any wonder that I started to zone out, feel bored and lose concentration immediately after I heard the word globalisation again? No, I really didn’t think so either!  Alas, I’m paying for this lapse now.

As I start to work on my assignments, I feel pretty close to lost. Why? Because every time I read an article relevant to globalisation and my assignment question, it feels like I’m missing some key founding knowledge.

You see, though I had learnt about globalisation before, the questions on my assignment require my previous knowledge to be twined with something ‘new’ I’ve picked up about the topic this semester. In other words, when I felt I didn’t have to pay much attention in the lecture, I really did because there was some new facet the lecturer was trying to explain to me.

So my advice is, you might find yourself sitting there in your final year utterly bored in a lecture because you’ve read about a particular topic a few times in the past. But, and this is a big BUT, just try and stay focused. You’ll be thankful when you come to do your exams/assignments and feel you are pretty close to world domination with your knowledge on globalisation!

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