18 Days

It feels only like last month that I had my sixth form head, parents and friends telling me to get my personal statement sorted out and my UCAS application sent off.

It feels like 3 weeks ago that I came to visit Leicester and popped into all the other universities I got my conditional offers from to see which one I fancied best.

It feels like 2 weeks ago that I made my firm and insurance choices, that I sat my A-Level exams and I went on holiday with the dread of results day always at the back of my mind.

It feels only like last week that I drove into school shaking like a leaf to get my results, then coming home to find an acceptance letter from Leicester and packing my stuff and myself to start university life and hit fresher’s week.

And now, I have 18 days.

Just 18 days till my last ever undergraduate lecture, till I go off for Easter break with the nervousness of dissertation work and exams revisions, till somebody says ‘oh, I’ve just submitted my firm and insurance choices’ and I can think ‘I’ve done that and the entire thing that comes after that!’

Now, you may ask how I feel?

Well, I’m kind of scared, excited, nervous, and anxious all at once!

Scared because, this is it, education is done. (Of course, I’m going to do an MBA, but that’s still at least 3 years down the line. I won’t be coming back to ‘school work’ so to speak in September/October. I need to get myself to ‘proper’ work!)

Excited because this is what I’ve been waiting to do since I was old enough to play ‘grown-ups’ with my mother’s shoes and my father’s briefcase…!

Nervous because I still have that dreaded 10,000 word dissertation, exams, final results and the graduation ceremony left.

Finally, anxious because I don’t know exactly how everything leading up to the first day of my ‘proper’ job is going to turnout. Whether it’s going to be this September/October, next year or in… (Okay, let’s not go there otherwise I’ll have to add ‘depressed’ to the list too!)

So, 18 days and I’ll be on the other side in a sense!

Just one more thing I have left to say… AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
(Note to self: remember to stock up on chocolate!)

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