Facebook. Twitter. Email. Anybody else with me?

Going out partying 3 times a week is what university students do best, ‘I’m completely skint’ is our catchphrase and waking up after 9 O’clock is a must (how did I ever manage to get up at 7am, 5 days a week for school?).

Another thing to add to the list is Facebook. Twitter. Email.

I think there is something about being in halls of residence or your flat, about the whole university atmosphere and the general time in your life where checking Facebook, Twitter and Emails is as important as breathing. I’ve become so dependent on these things that even though I’m within the same household, I Facebook my friends sometimes to ask them about lunch or going out…. (I’m not an unsocial person, just lazy and seek convenience)

Another example, Sunday morning, I woke up (well after 9 O’clock of course… at about 10.45 if I were being honest) and as is the tradition of my one woman room, I checked my Facebook, Twitter and Email accounts using my iTouch. Then, before getting out of bed I did a bit of planning and concluded that I needed to seriously buckle down and write the essay that’s due in next Friday. Having made this decision, I brushed my teeth, made myself some breakfast, boiled the kettle and brewed some tea ready to sit down in front of the laptop uber quickly.

But did I get on with the essay straight away? No! Though it had taken me less than half an hour to get myself from the bed to my laptop, I just had to re-check my Facebook page, my twitter feed and Email. How long did all of this take? Oh, just about another 45 minutes maybe?!

Alright, so I excuse myself this once by telling my brain that I was trying to really wake up…. Fine, that done, I opened a word document and wrote out my plan. Then, I should be progressing on to my introduction section right? But do I is the million dollar question. Of course not, I need a break, I’ve been concentrating for 15 minutes for crying out loud!

So, (I think you’ve guessed the pattern here?) it’s time for Facebook. Twitter. Email. After all, it is the weekend and I am working on a Sunday all alone in my room, I need to pat myself on the back just for being this dedicated. So, it’s decided, half an hour break then I get back to the task at hand – essay!

Break done, my hands fly over the keyboard (Oh how I wish!) and the introduction is typed. HOORAY! Accomplishment with a capital A! How do I keep myself motivated now? Oh I know, let’s check and see if anybody had anything worthwhile to say in the last 15 minutes…. Facebook. Twitter. Email.

I could go on really and lay out how Sunday panned out but I think you guys get the picture? I was still working on the essay Monday afternoon!

As addictions go, there’s smoking, alcohol, getting tattoos, blah blah blah. Personally I think I need to enrol myself for FTE anonymous! This kind of behaviour was certainly not observed during A-Levels. I think, when one is at university, there’s just a lot more going on, many more people to talk about/meet up/go out with. It’s like knowing about world news is not good enough, I have to keep close track on my immediate environment too…


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