Crunch Time

For Easter Holidays the University of Leicester gives you nearly 5 weeks off and what’s more, you get back to university after the bank holiday weekend and you don’t have lectures or seminars, at least not with the Management Studies course. All you’re expected to do is revise for exams and write a few assignments. But do students, including me, ever stop complaining? No. Never. That would be absurd!

Going to lectures is easy. You choose the modules you want to study all year, this might have depended on whether you’re an exam person or an assignment person, you do some reading here and there and prepare for seminars every other week and that’s 11 weeks of the semester gone. But the end, the dreaded months of May and June, especially for final year students, is extremely hardwork and is the reason why I haven’t been blogging regularly.

I have my dissertation due in this week, two assignments due in next week, 2 days apart from each other, and then an exam the beginning of the following week! When I got all these deadlines and my exam timetable, I was jumping with joy that everything came close together and I could be done with them as soon as possible. You know, I hate it when you have a really busy period of exams for a week or so and then have two weeks of nothing before that last exam/assignment. That’s the worst for my self motivational talks and kicks!

Yes we had 8 months for the dissertation and getting everything out of the way is nice but, going through that last period of checking everything and revising things etc just seems too rushed in my mind. Checking you have all the references in the right place for a 10,000 word piece, that you’ve included all of them in the reference list, that you’ve really understood the immensely ambiguous questions lecturers set for essays and that you have all the right textbooks/journals to read from for the exam is…I have that dreadful feeling that I’ve forgotten to do something….!

I want the 21st(my last exam/assignment day) to come but I also want it to take its own sweet time. I want to have another 8 months to see that my dissertation/essays are as perfect as I can make them but I’m also getting sick of just hearing those two words on and on for the past 8 months! The only happiness I feel is knowing that I’m not the only one having to deal with such academic cruelty!

It is also for all these reason – the panic mood that’s setting in as I approach crunch time – that I will not be able to post blogs for the next few weeks. I will only be coming back to this leisure activity at the end of May. But in the meantime, I hope you all have a good time revising for your own exams and I wish you all the best for them!

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