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Like Maths, languages was one of the few subjects I was certain I did not have any desire to take forward to my AS and A – Levels. I didn’t stop to think if either one of these would be useful when I come to apply for university courses or graduate jobs, I just knew I didn’t want to be studying these subjects at such a high level seeing as I had a choice to drop them. Furthermore, I don’t think I ever regretted this decision, especially not when my friends would say they had double Maths or French!

Then I got to university and ‘grew up’. Can I use that? I ask only because I don’t mean physically or very much mentally to be honest. I just started to realise that all these great opportunities were available at university and I was being a bit stupid not to take them up. Also when you’re at university, or at least when I got here, I just suddenly felt like I had to involve myself in as many things as possible, even if it did mean learning the French grammar again!

So I enrolled myself on a French course at the ‘Languages @ Leicester’ department. And I have to say, it was one of the good decisions I made at university. French, in addition to 13 other languages is somethings that you can take up to learn, or improve on your existing knowledge. The course usually runs throughout the academic year and I would recommend somebody take this route rather than do the programme only for one semester as the former gives you the best outcome. The other good thing about learning languages is the fact that it’s only a one day a week commitment for two hours and the timetables have been created in such a way that it won’t interfere with university lectures or seminars as they are usually held in the evenings.

It is probably also a good idea for me to reassure you guys that one does not have to have any knowledge of the language before enrolment, or that you can’t be already good and just want to keep up with it. For every course, there are four levels: beginners, post beginners, intermediate and advanced. So you can fit in where ever you feel the most comfortable. I hadn’t done French since my GCSE’s and therefore I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t in the ‘intermediate’ level that the department thinks you could fall into if you’ve got a good grade at GCSE’s.  Besides, for the first couple of weeks people are flexible in allowing you to switch between levels if you think you placed yourself in the wrong one.

If you think this might be up your street, you might want to visit this website: I really would recommend people to have a look, you get to meet new people, learn something useful and it’s informal and fun.

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