Moving On

I’m going to start this blog like I have another, three years ago, around this time I was probably on holiday trying hard to enjoy myself while having a silent turmoil within my mind about university results and my future. Today, I write this post having graduated last Wednesday and in the process of moving to Southern Ireland because I’ve been successful in gaining a graduate job!

Isn’t it funny what can happen over a short space of time? I mean, we all hope this can happen to us and we probably pray and call upon our own genies for a wish, but yet, whilst I was going through all of these above stages, it felt immensely surreal, a bit sad and at the same time exciting for my next chapter. In all of this, I have also reached another stage where this will be, sadly, my last blog! Therefore what is to follow is a summary of what I think you should look out for when September/October comes by.

What I would advice you to do: be social, open to different situations, involve yourself in activities/clubs/societies and always have a working alarm, especially for those pesky 9:00AM starts!

What I would advice you not to do: do not think the whole of university will be a cake walk, it has its tough moments. Try not to slack in applying for summer internships/summer jobs and ultimately graduate placements. Finally for this blog I think, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Starbucks item once a week and eat a cookie from the Library cafe!

Studying at the University of Leicester was brilliant! I loved the layout and size of the campus and the fact that even though there were so many people studying/working here, I could still walk from one building to another and at least meet two people I knew along the way. I would be lying if I said I’m not going to miss this place but at the same time I’m grateful for what it has taught me, academically and personally.

I hope each one of you who join the institute in September/October has a genuinely good time! Good luck!


Over and Out.

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Samyu graduated from University in Summer 2012 and is no longer blogging for this site.

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