It’s good to be back

Hello all, apologies for the long silence i have been on my annual vacation from work and it gave me an oportunity to review my studies at Leicester and also work on my latest assignment Module 5 and decide if i want to seat for my exams in November. Its been very restful and i am glad to be back online.

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About Kehinde

Kehinde has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I am Kehinde and I am studying MSc. Finance by distance learning. I have over 13 years Banking experience all of which have been spent in the Treasury of a few Financial Institutions. I am based in Nigeria and would be blogging about distant learning while giving you an insight into the financial medley here in Nigeria and lots of daily jists (LOL!). Do enjoy.

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4 responses to “It’s good to be back”

  1. Mshai

    Hello Kehinde,

    How are you faring with your studies? Are you nearing the tail end of the MBA?

    Warm regards,


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