4 responses to “Why your own learning style is important to know”

  1. More about Learning Styles | My School of Thought

    […] Why your own learning style is important to know: (oriented to students but useful for adults and parents): https://studentblogs.le.ac.uk/management/2012/10/09/why-your-own-learning-style-is-important-to-know/ […]

  2. Q Yusuf

    Good day Fiona,

    Thank you so much for posting this blog. I find this information very essential for students such as me. I would like permission to reference your post and use the .jpg photos of the referenced link of this website. I am enrolled as a student at APU and would like to post information about learning styles to the forum. I would like to save these images to my computer just for reference. I promise to link back to your blog for proper sourcing. I do not want to sell the images. Again the website link is:
    https://studentblogs.le.ac.uk/management/2012/10/09/why-your-own-learning-style-is-important-to-know/. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you and best wishes in your career.

  3. About Learning Styles | My School of Thought

    […] Visual/Verbal, Visual/Non-Verbal, Auditory/Verbal, Tactile Kinesthetic. For more on this: https://studentblogs.le.ac.uk/management/2012/10/09/why-your-own-learning-style-is-important-to-know/ […]

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