The Sheer Randomness of Student Life…

I woke up the other morning to, amongst other things, faces drawn on my eggs and the inner bags of my cereal in different boxes. This meant I was unwilling to eat an egg that had a face on it and much to my bemusement, poured Cookie Crisp out of my box of Crunchy Nut.


This made me realise two things, firstly that I live with a bunch of crazy pranksters who apparently have nothing better to do with their time. But also that my life is so much more interesting/random than it was a few years prior when I was working on a gap year. It is this sort of random lifestyle which turns a casual movie night in to you and all your friends going out to the SU at midnight when someone mentions off-hand that we could be out. Or that leads to random trips to Asda in the early hours of the morning to pick up a sandwich or some bacon…just because you can. Or having an inflatable shark and a barbell delivered by the postman on the same day!


Although university if a place where many will grow up and learn to cook, clean, budget and search for jobs. Thankfully, it is also a place where this sort of messing around or randomness is still appreciated – and hopefully, life after uni will appreciate this sort of behaviour too! 🙂

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