Tips for Freshers 3…

Sadly, Fresh Fair is over. Everyone is settled in, has a new group of best friends and is most likely nursing an injury/headache/hangover from the big closing party last night! Sadly, it is also now when the real work begins:

    Much as the falling of the leaves signal Autumn, Zane Lowe signals the start of hard work at University

Much as the falling of the leaves signal Autumn, Zane Lowe signals the start of hard work at University

Not only can you no longer use the excuse “IT’S FRESHERS” to get out of lectures, seminars, sports meets, doing your laundry… but you really shouldn’t be avoiding any of that now. Freshers’ Fortnight is a blast, but trust me (as a third year) when I say it isn’t the best thing you will do at University. It is everything else you do that really makes your univesity experience! So without further ado, here are a couple of points that you should start looking into, well, now 🙂

  • Start working. Yes, first year ‘doesn’t count’ as long as you get your 40%. But try going from working at 40% one year to aiming for 70/80% in your second year – it isn’t going to work. Start putting in the hours now, building your knowledge and academic skills (both essential to do well) and you’ll set yourself up for an excellent degree classification. Also, your first year mark is often used when applying for jobs and internships in your first year and would you rather tell a potential employer you’re running at a 70% or a 40% average 😉
  • Do more than just your degree. A degree is good, but not enough. Not only is extra-curricular stuff great fun (sports teams / societies / volunteering / Leicester Award / competitions / musical instruments / languages / etc.) but it also lets you take on responsibility, learn new skills, make new friends, looks great on your CV. All in all it makes for a much more complete university experience!
  • Start looking for internships/graduate jobs now. I cannot stress this enough. We’ve all heard horror stories of 70-100 applicants for each graduate job, so unless you start building your CV/personal brand (see above points) now and apply early and often: you could end up with a lackluster CV which is binned straight away in round one. Leicester has an amazing Career Development Service which will help you with your CV and in developing your skills, which you can take to the Festival of Careers in November ( ) in the hopes of getting a job lined up for after uni!
  • Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Now is the time to start the hard graft, but don’t forget to let your hair down once in a while. Uni is great because you can still go out, miss the odd lecture, stay in your pyjamas all day and still end up doing well! Just don’t leave everything until the last minute and remember: everything in moderation 🙂

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