Ultimate Frisbee 2…

Apologies for the small hiatus! I’ll be catching up on some of my experiences double time in the next fortnight or so now that I’ve got a bit of time to share them with you.


Ok, so I left you with a bit of a teaser about Ultimate Frisbee. But what’s it all about I hear you shouting at your laptops! Well check the video below for a synopsis. Essentially, it is a cross between netball and American football that is played with a frisbee (or disc). You work the disc up the field, only being allowed to pivot while you have the disc and score by catching it in the opposing endzone (like a touchdown). While there are many other rules, these basics are more than enough to get you by in your first couple of games which I can tell you from first hand experience: are amazing fun 😀

And it’s not just the game itself that is unique, but also how the rules are enforced. At most levels, Ultimate is self-refereed by the players on the pitch. If there is a dispute in-game, it’s between the players involved in the dispute to reach an amicable agreement and shake hands before play carries on. This is known as the spirit of the game, which is about playing fairly, by the rules and being a good sport! If your opponent just made a sick catch, you congratulate them and vice versa! Because of this, there are rarely any hard feelings held against the referee or other players. After games, both teams sit in a circle to talk about the game (usually how awesome it was) and play silly games. I have never come across another sport as well spirited.

And if that hasn’t got you sold, then just check out some of the sick trick shots that can be achieved using a disc!

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