New Year Clear Out!

I’m the kind of person who likes to clear things away and tidy up all year round, but especially so considering the New Year is now with us. There’s something really satisfying about having a really big clear out, re-purposing space that was filled will clutter, out with the old and in with the new and all that jazz! So, after spending a wonderful couple of days in Leicester celebrating the New Year, I have:

  • Helped my girlfriend tidy her house and take down the Christmas decorations
  • Taken down my Christmas decorations (student house)
  • Put most of my Christmas Decorations away (home-home). It would have been all of them but Mum is was adamant the tree was staying up for the full 12 days!
  • Brought loads of stuff home from my student house so I all my stuff can make it back in Summer (end of uni :()
  • Cleared out a draw of VHS tapes and CDs (although my brother made me keep two Star Wars VHSs for some reason!)

This might just be procrastination, but it’s a lot more satisfying and there are a couple more cupboards and areas I fancy tackling before heading back to Leicester 😀

My house's contents after I'm done tidying!

My house’s contents after I’m done tidying!

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