Time, working and studying.

On its own, finding balance in life while keeping a full time job can be demanding for most people. Adding studying for a degree into the mix can therefore seem unthinkable and usually leaves most distance learning students wishing they could stop the clock, or had more hours in the day. Here are some tips to help you make the best of what little time you have to meet your study goals.

1. Split up your reading
Know exactly what you must cover for every module and split your reading into little bits to cover each week and day. It makes sense to do this at the start of the study period. In my personal experience it is easier to read 3 pages everyday for 3 months than to read a whole textbook in 2 weeks as the exam approaches. You could go a step further by putting what you must cover each day on a calendar and crossing it off as you meet the goal. Your set task for each period should be achievable, keeping in mind your work commitments, and should lead to your covering and revising the coursework before the exam or assignment deadline arrives. Remember too, that the only thing more important than coming up with a reading plan is sticking to it.

2. Make the most of your commute

Do you get to work by train or by a taxi? How do you spend this time? You could sneak some study into these transit periods instead of sticking a pair of Beats Headphones in your ears where possible. Even if your driving to work, it is a good opportunity to listen to audio files of your study materials. There are also applications that convert text of any kind into MP3 files to make this easier. This article provides detailed information on how to convert an  electronic document into an MP3.

3. Multitask
Look for opportunities in your daily schedule to study in addition to whatever else you might be doing. Whether at the gym, cooking or getting groceries it might be possible to go over what you have already read in your mind, or, again, listen to study materials. Look for opportunities to multitask.

4. Effective Note taking

Try keeping study materials that you can review or go over on you at all times. You could take notes or jottings with you on your phone or Ipad, or on paper. Time spent waiting to see a potential client, or for a doctors appointment could be effectively used in going over such materials.

I guess my point is that time is the most precious asset you have if you are studying and working. Always make the best of it.

Happy Studying Folks!

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