Practice Makes Perfect

One of the greatest benefits of studying while working is the opportunity it provides for putting theory into practice in the workplace and in daily life. The field of management is one that pervades every sphere of life. For the perceptive individual therefore, the opportunities to go beyond abstract theory accumulation, the notion of simply being a “student” and test out knowledge are boundless. This is even more true for students on more focused career paths such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing etc.
While our modules and course work provide the foundation from which to start, true competence and expertise in management arises from actual practice – converting that knowledge into experience. It is in the art of practice that true learning takes place and it is also how we can be of the most value to employers in real life situations.

Reflecting on the amount of self-development I have experienced over the past two years, on my job, and in my personal life by applying, even in the most basic ways knowledge, acquired in the course of studying for my MSc has been a very revealing and gratifying process. As an example, In the course of  my job as an Administrative Officer working in the public sector in a country that has continued to be known for its poor record on corruption, the module on Accountability, Representation and Control made me think in practical terms for the first time of the role of Financial Reporting in ensuring public officers are accountable to taxpayers and the limitations and challenges therein. Being immersed in such a situation; processing theoretical presentations on the issue in critically relevant ways came naturally.

Extra-curricular programs such as the School of Management Summer School which holds annually and the Leicester Award for Employabilty have also been invaluable in bridging the gap between knowledge and practical competence for me. I strongly urge fellow distance learners to take advantage of these and other opportunities offered by the University.

The School of Management Summer School 2014 holds from the 15th to the 22nd of August. Information on program details, fees and how and when to register attendance will be made available on this space shortly.

Happy Studying Folks!

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Chinedu has graduated from the University and is no longer blogging. Chinedu was a distance learning, Msc Management student from Nigeria.

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