IBM Universities Business Challenge: An Unorthodox Perspective

Hi All,

This Monday I went to the semi final of IBM’s Universities Business Challenge. To get there, my team and I had to boss our way through the first round (we managed to come 18th out of 312 teams total).

Although I don’t want to tell you about the business challenge just yet! Firstly because where would the fun be in that! 😉 Secondly because we have been asked not to reveal any details about it until all the semi finals are over. So I will tell you about random other bits and pieces instead!

We left Sunday afternoon, after some outdoor frisbee because it was a really nice, sunny (but most importantly calm) day. We took a taxi to Ashorne which is about an hour away, and after a quick detour to the wrong hotel 😛 finally checked in around 17:30. There hotel itself was extremely nice for a budget chain, although it was situated at a motorway services off the M40 so there wasn’t a lot of nice scenery to take in!

Gavin doing some last minute ironing!

Gavin doing some last minute ironing!

We decided to grab some food from the Welcome Break, which consisted of KFC, ice cream and a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts!


They're not calories, they're 'delicious points' :D

They’re not calories, they’re ‘delicious points’ 😀

After the feast, we headed back to our rooms for final preparation and early nights all round! We woke up bright and early and headed to the semi final, where we did some competition* (*more details to be added later!) and suprise suprise, had even more food!


This time, it was buffet style!

This time, it was buffet style!

We finished up the competition, headed back to Leicester in the shakiest taxi ever! And got back on campus just in time for me to play some frisbee – this time, indoors!

I did have my kit with me - but couldn't pass up the opportunity to play some frisbee in a suit!

I did have my kit with me – but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play some frisbee in a suit!

All in all it was brilliant fun! I will patch all the other details in a future blog, but I must admit that writing this one from a different perspective (even one as silly as emphasising all the food I ate) was quite entertaining to write and ties into the ‘critical perspective’ that features hugely on my course! But maybe this is me looking a little too much into it! :

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