Coming to the End of an Era…

It’s almost quite sad, although I have still got another three months left at this fine institution…I can see the end of the tunnel! In 39 days I will have presented my last groupwork presentation, within 40 days I will have handed in my dissertation, 47 will see the last of my coursework and 55 will be my final exam: representing the last assessment at university. My whiteboard now effectively (yet somewhat depressingly) shows this – in an attempt to try and keep myself working!


However, it’s not all doom and gloom. As I know for a fact, that the 36 days following that exam until the end of term are going to be the best ones of my entire university career! Three frisbee tournaments, summer festiball (an amazing 24 hour event hosted by the University of Leicester Students’ Union) and more socialising than I can shake a stick at will mean it will be impossible not to be the best days and nights of university for me – and that’s worth a bit of hard work in the mean time!

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