Lack of Updates…

Hi Everyone,

Quick update from me. Sorry for the lack of activity recently, but it has come to that special time in my degree where I’m pulling ridiculously long days working on my dissertation to get it finished for May. I promise the regular updates will return after I’ve worked through the huge pile of paperwork in front of me as I can barely reach my laptop at the moment! Oh and before I forget, Happy Easter!

Accurate representation of my desk at the moment...

Accurate representation of my desk at the moment…

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Regan graduated from the University of Leicester and is no longer blogging for this site. (BA Management Studies)

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2 responses to “Lack of Updates…”

  1. Farida

    Dear Regan,

    Best of luck with your dissertation. I wish you all the best.
    I am a new student, studying Management, starting in May. I am a distance learner and I thought you might share your experience with me.
    I was thinking of registering for the shorter route (24 Months) But I found out that for some semesters I will have both modules’ examinations on the same day. Do you think it is doable? or will it be too hard to pull off, specially that I teach at the British University in Egypt.
    What do you think?



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