All Finished…

I had my last exam on Saturday…meaning I completed my last ever academic task. It was quite peculiar to think that three years of time and effort have all led to this, and after the exam was over, I felt a little lost that I didn’t have anything more to do for my course! I went for a meal at a fancy bar and grill (for which I was horrendously underdressed) with a couple of friends and we chatted about the course that has been perhaps our most definining feature (management student) for the last 30-something months. Our favourite modules and lectures, our least favourite, funny stories…would we do it all again knowing what we know now?

You’ll be glad to know we all would! Leicester has had it’s ups and downs (like any institution) but we all agreed that our time at University has been amazing, both academic and social, and that we feel like better people for it 🙂

exam meal

Oh, and don’t worry about me not having anything to do… I’m heading home to get some bits ready for my job (which I start in 4 weeks – eek!) and preparing for the CIMA Global Business Challenge with a view to get first place this year! 😛 More on both later 🙂

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