Academic Mentoring at Leicester

HelpingThe School of Management has – since August 2012 – assigned all distance learning students and those resident in Hong Kong an Academic Mentor. Academic Mentors have the general responsibility of overseeing the performance and academic progress of the students assigned to them through the following ways:

  • Support mentees to make an Action Plan outlining their academic motivation and study goals
  • Meet on a one-to-one basis to review the Mentee’s progress against set goals
  • Use probing techniques to trigger the Mentee’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and appropriate actions
  • Utilise active listening & communication skills to ensure the needs of each Mentee are being met within the Mentoring relationship
  • Share any pertinent academic/life experiences or problems you have overcome (where appropriate) to inspire and motivate the Menteementor
  • Facilitate and encourage autonomous and enquiry-based learning while providing the Mentee with the tools to find their own answers
  • Use ‘sign-post’ techniques to address any needs the Mentee has that would require other support services from Leicester where necessary
  • Attend continuous training to ensure that you continue to offer a level of support that is relevant to Mentees in their academic journey
  • Offer a ‘safe haven’ for the Mentee to share any worries and concerns that may be affecting their academic performance
  • Build mutual trust and respect that further enhances the Mentor-Mentee relationship

mentoring123rf-comIn a nutshell, Academic Mentors set the tone and atmosphere of the University in how they offer general support to Mentees in a way that allows them to find contentment on the course as well as adhere to the expected academic standards at Leicester.

All distance learning students who registered from August 2012 have been assigned an Academic Mentor. The programme is overseen by Dr Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto, Senior Tutor, at the School of Management available on email:

It is hoped that students will voluntarily subscribe to this service and find it useful.





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