Leicester Award Presentation

It’s amazing how something so seemingly simple can be so nerve wracking. As part of the Leicester Award, we have to do presentations that are designed to get us to reflect on the skills we targeted for further development in a professional context. Because I am a distance learning student, I wasn’t able to do my presentation live; I had to record a video.

I’ve been told I’m a natural ham, and, in fact, I’d done some acting a while back. So imagine my surprise when I needed 20 takes to record a simple 5 minute video. Flubbed lines aside, it was a great exercise because it forced me to re-evaluate my goals and my desired career path in terms of skills and values alignment. My research into management consulting has affirmed for me that there is a general skills and value alignment, but I still must improve my knowledge of management consulting frameworks and the corresponding presentation.

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the myriad activities for learning support and professional development offered here at University of Leicester. The availability of such programs for distance learners helps bridge the gap and foster learner engagement despite the fact that I am so far away. I highly recommend the Leicester Award for any students looking to enter the labor pool in the near future.


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