Nobody Cares If You Fail

Holy time warp, Batman!!! Has it really been a month since I was last seen or heard from? I guess I went full Rousey and pulled a great disappearing act after the debacle of my last assessment.

However, since there was no television tribute lauding my past accomplishments and lamenting my recent face plant, I can assume that my high school history teacher, Doc Egan, was correct when he quipped: “Son, nobody cares if you fail. The sun will still rise somewhere in the world tomorrow; your parents will still love you (though they might not like you very much); and there are at least a few hundred million people who have never heard of you – so nobody cares about your failed test.”

Snapping back to reality, I just got an email today to remind me that my next whipping (read: module examination) will be April 23. I was a bit taken aback, as the exam is usually given on the last weekend of the month. Somehow I felt cheated out of that extra week. However, at this point, I have to look at this as something akin to what you would tell a kid who just scrapped his knee after falling off his bike – you just have to get back on and try again.

Now that I know how much time I have left, I can start working earnestly to prepare for the exam. (Why do I want to insert a corny line about The Importance of Being Earnest here? Honestly, I haven’t opened my book in the aftermath of my last assessment, so it’s time to get busy. I suppose this will be a good gauge of my resolve. And since I am a big ol’ tough guy from New Jersey, you’d better believe I’m not planning on tapping out this go around.

Let’s see what kind of progress I can make by this weekend. If I can manage to read the entire course book (the main book by UofL, not the Collier book), then I should be in pretty good shape. Let’s hope this goes according to plan.

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